Batman: gump knight will support PS4 Stickers Pro? Official: hadn’t planned on it

If you are looking forward to the Batman: gump Knight (Batman Arkham Knight), will have the PS4 Stickers Pro patch, the following have a bad news to tell you, that is the game has no plan to move to the PS4 Stickers Pro platform.

ps4 skin stickers
ps4 skin stickers

In recent Reddit AMA discussion, the creator of the series and studio creative director Sefton Hill answered fans this about “forrest gump knight studio is going to add PS4 Stickers Pro support”.
, he said, “unfortunately we have no current plans to make the patch. May I know you fans will not be happy after. We are now a forrest gump VR made a patch to support PS4 Stickers Pro, the effect is very good. The hope is that my new 4 k TV to experience the work.”

He said the studio is still in development was not published a new work, said the development team want fans communities can assist in developing together.

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