The lego Star Wars: the force awakening will push Chinese PS4 host presented a Finn mini doll with bundle group

Recently, Taiwan SONY interactive entertainment (SIET) announced the lego series best work, get a IGN high marks the lego Star Wars: the force awakening of new messages, PS4 “lego Star Wars: the force awakening” host with bundle group with the game on March 18, synchronous listed in Taiwan, suggested retail price of nt $10980. With bundle group containing PS4 500 gb host (black) acme, PS4 game “lego Star Wars: the force awakening” traditional Chinese CD edition and PS 3 months Plus membership card. In addition, it contains indult “lego Star Wars Finn mini figure doll” and “lego Star Wars sticker”.Wholesale ps4 stickers now!

wholesale ps4 stickers
wholesale ps4 stickers

The action of the plot to revisit the blockbuster movie
Experience new and improved lego Star Wars game experience. Fans to experience again under the lens of lego clever new film, the story of the scene. This unique experience is unable to bring you the other games.

Exclusive new storyline
Explore new movie “Star Wars: return of the jedi” and the era. These exclusive new storyline allows you to experience the “Star Wars The force unknown adventures before awakening.
All kinds of characters, the chariots and place
Play various heroes in the film, including the Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo and Chewbacca, and BB – 8 C – 3 Po, and Kylo Ren, General Hux and Captain Phasma. But also explore the classic Star Wars places such as jia depot (Jakku) and strengthens the star Base (Starkiller Base), and various vehicles in operation along the way.

Build… And rebuilt
Through improved system of “multiple construction”, the player must choose a variety of different ways of building (in order to solve problems or pure fun), in different ways in the game.
Exciting new blasting battle
Used in blasting battle environment as a cover, repel the first legion.
An unprecedented experience Milky Way
Experience unprecedented, high speed and dynamic game, including the space combat and combat arena.
More wisdom of artificial intelligence
Enemy fighter can now use LEGO LEGO blocks to support their compatriots sturmabteilung, call air support, reinforcement, or heavy artillery, with the power of the LEGO against resistance!

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