The most versatile console in the history

In order to achieve “anywhere at any time to play games” requirement, nintendo designed for NS three forms:Host form: access to the TV play at home, quality can be up to 1080 p / 60 FPS.

Tablet form: put the plate on the table, break up the handle, Portable form: to play video games in his hand, the image quality of 720 p
At home, you can play the game on TV chang:
Even if you don’t have TV, you can be played using 6.2 inch LCD.If you want to go out, to put the handle on a plug, becomes a handheld.

In fact, the SONY PS4 consoles have similar function.But need you to have a PS4 consoles with many ps4 skin stickers, a tablet, a PSV game to complete. And the innovation in the nintendo NS, the three close 2 for one, and three forms can be
seamlessly switch between!In my opinion,You need to wholesale ps4 skin stickers which can change as you like.

wholesale ps4 skin stickers

For NS console can switch freely in different mode, nintendo for its design is the most changeable game controllers:Joy – Con

At first glance than ordinary game handle heavy, but in fact, the handle is composed of three parts:
Base + two little Joy – Con handle.Base is used to provide charging function, essential parts are
actually on the little handle, with “the sparrow is small, all-sided” to describe the most appropriate.
Joystick and buttons or shoulder key is hidden in this small handle. In addition, the handle is built into the “HD”, “dynamic IR cameras, and other functions, and support the body feeling, very suitable for players between double against:
Rich in the line-up

For game consoles, in addition to the game, the most important still is the line-up. Game quantity many, geek, you had to pick two more interesting new games tell you about the fun of the NS.

Is a “very different” to NS of the full performance of
fighting games, using two Joy – Con handle body feeling, can simulate the feel of the boxing, play up very frank:Bring about the very different game demoRates of the legend of zelda: wilderness is NS starting game, as the old game the latest as the legend of zelda series, with the current 3 a all popular element of the game: like a ghibli
animated man of exquisite picture, a huge open world, rich action puzzle elements – say, “the legend of zelda: rate of wilderness” is by far the most worth buying on the NS of the
game, no one of:Bring about the legend of zelda: breath of wild game demo

During the conference, nintendo released a lot of didn’t say before the game works:
Super Mario: Odyssey
The crest of the flame: one like you
Mario kart 8 deluxe edition
“Thin blade 2

Jet fighters 2
Nintendo Switch console will launch on March 3rd, at a price of 2340 Hong Kong dollars (about 2082 yuan), the host built-in 32 gb of storage space and expanding support SD card, tablet model range is about 3 hours. Host not lock area, in different
parts of the host and the game is compatible with each other!Starting the game including the legend of zelda: breath of wilderness, 8 game “Switch 1/2” and so on, in addition, nintendo, officials said there are still 80 game is in development, NS maximum 8 host local online.

Geek gentleman to say
The father of Mario palace once said of apple and nintendo entertainment weekly similarities:
An apple is a company.They think people will be how to use their products.Such as nintendo, we reach a very wide range of products in the design.

Apple spent a lot of energy on the interface design, to make the product easy to use.It also with the nintendo are very much alike.Nintendo has always been a clean game industry, Nintendo Switch through the fantastic design, provides players with a whole new game form. In the fragmentation of the game time, It can provide high quality game experience anytime and anywhere NS console.Will you play the enthusiasm of the games ?

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