SONY’s PS4 is expected to sell more than 18 million units in 2017

SONY released its annual report for the 2016 fiscal year (2016.4.1 -2017.3.31), with games and web services showing some light. PS4 shipped 20 million units in fiscal 2016, with total shipments of 60 million units and Wholesale ps4 skins is good business.

Games and web service parts sales rose 6.3% from a year earlier, this is because the PS4 including web content software sales growth and PS4 hardware sales growth, and foreign currency exchange rates and the reduction of the negative impact of PS4 this data. SONY expects the segment to grow 14.6 percent in fiscal 2017.

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Game and network service part of the operating income rose by 46.9 billion yen, its reason lies in the PS4 hardware cost reduction and PS4 software sales growth, but the PS4 price with the PS3 software sales to reduce the negative impact of the data.

In earnings forecasts the fiscal 2017 sales, SONY expects fiscal 2017 (2017.4.1 2018.3.31 PS4 shipments can reach 18 million units, total shipments are expected to reach 78 million units.

SONY China has made a simple wealth report, we can intuitive see each department’s performance, console web services business is really attractive.

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