Nintendo is likely to push the next generation of nostalgia

A special fair show some latest account of the trademark and patent in Japan.It shows the nintendo new registered a earlier this month.This and more than 20 years ago, console SNES handle looks the same.The coming days,many retailers begin to wholesale ps4 skins for this console.

wholesale skin stickers
wholesale skin stickers

SNES, is Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1990, to continue to consolidate its previously obtained in the console market dominant position. Nintendo in Japan launched a nes FC (FamiCom) model for the next generation of SFC (Super FamiCom). Because the American official named NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), accordingly, on the next generation product is called the SNES.

On the SNES, gave birth to many epoch-making works, such as laid the foundation fighting games “street fighter 2”.And the legend of zelda “the peak of the early works of” the legend of zelda: triangle power of the gods.

By 2003 exit the market, SNES sold more than 49.1 million units. Established in the early 1990 s, nintendo consoles market dominance, until the next generation console wars, SONY PlayStation was born, nintendo didn’t break the dominance.

Nintendo NES mini version online shortly after, on the nintendo should launch mini SNES calls has increasingly become a warm. For many current players, thirty years ago NES is a little blur their childhood at a young age, and after they grow up, can really experience the company, when the game is fun and exciting is SNES.

Before the problem is that from mini NES frequently out of stock, nintendo’s production capacity is a problem. SNES if it is really to be listed, perhaps wait until Christmas 2018.
Migu mutual entertainment release feelings god as “the land of evolution” is launched

French Playdigious company, the classic feelings of god, by Migu mutual entertainment and dynamic excellence hand in hand to the domestic market distribution of the land of the evolutionary game, in December 29, 2016 formally met with the player. The new version has added new levels, new drama, love through time and space opened a chapter of the game.

As well known,the evolutionary history of the game, “the land of evolution” to salute the 10 kinds of classic: super Mary, the legend of zelda, final fantasy, inflammation dragon knights, brave DouELong, dragon knights and the legend of heroes, biochemical crisis, diablo, etc. Every detail is revealed developers love of the game!

Game is the process of the development process, is the most intuitive reflect the graphics, sound effects and the changes of the game mode: from 8 to 32 bit, from the NSF to WAV. From black and white images to the evolution of the 3 d images; Turn-based from 2 d to 3 d real-time battles; From FC era to the changes of the next generation!

In the game, the player will play a legendary adventure Clink. Game is 8 pixels of black and white picture wind and there is no BGM, echo of the first game. As the game process, slowly turned into a 32-bit color pictures, you can also listen to the sound of the game, players get the sword, then started fighting with the monster. Every step of the task corresponds to the history of an evolutionary game, especially when the graphics from black and white to color, the transition from 2 d to 3 d, allows players to clear the feel of the game each step in the history of evolution brings to the game experience great ascension!

In addition to constantly unlock RPG elements, there are a lot of CARDS in the land of the evolution and the stars waiting for players to collect, collect the MINI game card can play the game, this is also a card game fans a great benefits. In addition, the game has a lot of hidden place and treasure box, the inside of the equipment can greatly strengthen the player’s combat effectiveness, this kind of hidden benefits also salute to explore party of one of the classic way!
The film and television sector into areas fall this year.Former hot film areas become fall this year, as of December 27, 28 “level in the industry, media industry index range fell by more than 25.38%, and the film and television industry is one of the worst. Stock market had a few big star, such as wanda cinema line down more than 50% for the whole year, huayi brothers fell more than 40%, a decline of 35% light media… These well-known film and television, without exception in 2016 “Waterloo”.

In the second half of 2016, the securities and futures commission to curb short-term speculation backdoor restructuring, merger, acquisition.The television company succession were rejected. Have the personage inside course of study says, as the securities and futures commission to squeeze the bubble, film and television industry and usher in a new round of reshuffle.

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