Will the new host be released by Microsoft’s full SONY playstation 5?

At the E3 game show this year, the Xbox One X, which Microsoft unveiled at the time of the iphone 4, was fully equipped with the playstation 4 Pro that SONY released last year. The business of wholesale PS4 Skin is very hot last year.
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Previously, Nintendo Nintendo released the Switch, rely on host handheld kandy new game ideas and Mario, monster hunter, exclusive big IP circle powder countless, the market is still in the condition of one machine is hard to find, for the SONY playstation Vita PS4 even the impact of the series.

Next year will be the fifth year of the PS4’s life cycle. Will the SONY of the ventral enemy jump up to the frequency of the last six or seven years and release the fifth-generation PlayStation? Sina science and technology on this issue, summed up some foreign media viewpoint.

Uncle: slowly let PS4 begin to circle the money

IGN according to foreign media reports, the end of may this year, SONY, the operation policy of the fiscal year 2017 conference held in Tokyo, SONY group President and CEO says there is no relevant plans.

Mr. Hirai believes that now is the time for the PlayStation 4 platform, and apparently considering new hardware is not a good option. He says PS4 is fully qualified to continue enjoying two or three years of good time.

The company is planning to increase revenue from online services and stabilize revenue from the PlayStation business, the company said.

Optimist: maybe next year, but limited

Damian Thong, an analyst at the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, said it was possible for SONY to release the PS5 by the end of next year.

In light of this year’s AMD Ryzen series processor and graphics card release, it has made significant progress in power consumption and performance. There will be a lot more progress than the current combination of mobile platform CPU + desktop level GPU.

The PS4 Pro USES the board interpolation technique to “expand” the lower resolution image to the 4K level (note that this is not the same as the forced stretch). Game as for those not optimized, SONY are introduced through a firmware update for PS4 Pro enhancement pattern, let host forced liberation function to run these works, to improve fluency, reduce load times.

The native 4K signal, which requires 8T floating-point computing power, is not enough for the current PS4 Pro4.2 T and 6T for Xbox One X. By 2018, the new graphics card will indeed meet the PS5 requirements.

Playstation architect Mark Cerny said last year that the PS4 Pro is not the next generation of Playstation consoles, and each generation of hosts will offer new features from new configurations. These features can offer help to create new game types, such as the CPU performance of ascension is not only the change rules of the game, but also provide better enemy AI design, provide more number of enemy can better simulate the change of the world, and so on.

But the foreign media eurogamer said in a long article that, in theory alone, it would be ok. If the PS5, which is launched in 2018, will improve significantly relative to PS4, it may not be particularly significant compared with PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

AMD has a new Ryzen, and the new architecture will be used for APU, so customised chips are not far away. On gpus, the new console will be able to take the 16nm FinFET technology, which is the same as PS4 Pro and Scorpio. Microsoft’s Scorpio can now reach 6T floating-point computing power. If you use Vega technology, it should be ok to break through 8T floating-point computing power. This would be 1.9 times the PS4 Pro and 4.2 times the PS4, but it would not be able to achieve a performance improvement between six and eight times the previous console.

Opponents: wait until 2019 for 4K

Wade bush securities analyst Michael Pachter said in an interview with the media, PS5 release date will be issued by the following six years cycle in 2019, and will be backwards compatible PS4 Pro, which means that all compatible PS4 platform game.

According to Pachter, Pro is technically a significant improvement in PS4, with a significant improvement in the smoothness and quality of the picture. But PS5’s ascent will change the game model, especially in recent years, when the open game has been heating up, which is very tight for the CPU.

He also believes that the new host will have no problem supporting 4K resolution, or even 240 frames per second, while playing the PS4 down.

Pachter points out that by 2019, the us will have 50 per cent of the market for 4K TV and 35 per cent of the world’s 4K TV market. It would be a smart choice and an advantage for SONY to go on sale after a widespread acceptance of 4K in the market.

What new features will PS5 have?

Each player is focused on the launch of the next generation of consoles, in addition to a more realistic and gorgeous picture, more of the game of the breakthrough. In the next change, the CPU probably will be the main character.

For now, the AMD custom Jaguar processor used by the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X actually was originally designed for mobile platforms. But it was the only option at that time to inherit the motherboard.

How important is the CPU to the game’s performance? Consider the PS3, the Xbox 360’s grand theft auto 4, and the former grand theft auto 3 and grand theft auto: SAN andreas. The graphics of the game certainly have a qualitative leap, but really make the whole open world vivid, or the 4 generations of NPC’s vivid performance. They have their own dynamics in the city, as if they have their own lives, and have a variety of interactions with the protagonist or the environment.

And by the fourth generation of the host, “the assassins creed: revolution,” to show the French revolution of chaos, ubisoft for Paris to join the vast amounts of NPC in the game to the point of congestion. The result is a series of optimizations, and the PS4 Pro can only barely reach the basic flow of 30FPS after opening the enhanced mode.

The industry generally believes that the PS5 will not be able to complete the two-in-one home and handheld devices with a product like the nintendo NS, except for more “smart” NPCS. In correspondence with this, PS Vita thinks about the new game interaction.

For the graphics card, while most people are generally optimistic about AMD’s new APU architecture, there are also reports that the PS5 will be equipped with an independent graphics card.

Meanwhile, according to the foreign media glem.de, SONY entertainment North America general manager Shawn Layden revealed that the next generation of playstation consoles will return to the traditional iteration rhythm, in other words, that the PS5 will no longer have a similar “Slim/Pro” derivative.

The PS VR will not launch a second generation of products in a short time due to the minimum 120FPS standard. In the future, SONY will continue to deepen the development of VR game ecology. Are you ready for the business of wholesale ps5 skin stickers ?

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