News Feedback Microsoft will launch the 4 models cell phone in 2017, PS5 will be launched in 2019

1. HMD Global has been trying to fill the gap in nokia’s exit from the mobile phone market. Earlier this year, HMD launched several nokia phones, with news that we will have one or two flagship phones in the coming years. At least four new nokia phones will be unveiled before the end of the year, according to a new report. The reports said the phones were nokia 2, nokia 7, nokia 8 and nokia 9. The two are rumored to be the flagship phones, but not much. It has been reported that the nokia 8 will use the snapdragon 660 processor, while the nokia 9 will be equipped with the snapdragon 835 processor, and both will be equipped with the Carl Zeiss camera

By the end of the year nokia or at least four handsets: multi-level

It will launch the PS5, which will be launched in 2019, this year

2. Pachter predicts that PS5 will not appear in 2018. Instead, it will appear in 2019 or 2020, which will be more likely to come out in 2019. SONY’s move because they are waiting to launch a 4 k game hosting a good time, waiting for the 4 k the popularity of TV market, at the appointed time, 4 k TV market share in the United States, or at least 50%, while the rest of the world at 35% level, at the time, SONY will launch a full support 4 k of the host.

3. Now, there’s another samsung dual-shot mid-end phone that has surfaced — Galaxy C7 (2017). It has been reported that internal testing has ended and Galaxy C7 (2017) will soon be available. Judging from last year’s edition of the Galaxy C7, the Galaxy C7 (2017) is a mobile phone in the middle of the line, and we don’t know the exact configuration of the phone. There are many supercenters has already wholesale phone case for these models.

4. If the latest rumors are true, apple will integrate the facial scanning system for the iPhone 8 later this year. In fact, face scanning technology is not new, and samsung Galaxy S8 has even adopted this feature. However, apple’s pursuit of excellence, the latest report points out that apple’s facial scanning system is more secure and reliable, and that the sort of muddling through with photos doesn’t happen. Of course, we don’t know if the facts are true. AppleInsider recently discovered that apple had applied for a patent document three years ago, and the documents show that apple actually introduced the idea of a facial scanning system for phones long ago. PS5 will be launched in 2019.

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