SONY interactive entertainment CEO: the PS5 will be closely associated with portable devices

In an interview with bloomberg, John Kodera, SONY’s chief executive of interactive entertainment, said the company may explore the handset market again, although it has no plans to do so.

Does that mean SONY will launch a new handheld in the future? John Kodera replied: “we want to consider more options. In my opinion, we will not separate portable gaming operations and host, still it is necessary to bring a portable game as more experience one of the methods, explore our play home to what they want from the portable equipment.”
Kodera then said the next-generation PlayStation(PS5 Controller StickerS Skin) would be closely integrated with portable devices. It’s just possible that the portable device here refers to smartphones and tablets rather than a new handheld. SONY is working with FowardWorks to enter the mobile gaming market, which is owned by android and iOS.
The deep integration of the PS5 with portable devices does not mean that SONY will be a handheld and mainframe device like the nintendo Switch, because it is too early to speculate about the PS5. For the PSV, Kodera also mentioned that SONY may continue to provide support until 2020, at least in Asia and Japan. According to SONY’s recent hints, the PS5 is likely to be available in 2021 in three years’ time, possibly with AMD Ryzen CPU.

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