SONY Santa monica studios: the ares game on PS5 is a little hard for us

Although our (SONY Santa monica studio) is said to be in the future there may be more of war series game release, SONY Santa monica Cory Barlog is not happy, just as they after making “the warlords”, they have to prepare For PS5 “ares”.

SONY Santa monica studios: the ares game on PS5 Stickers Skin is a little hard for us
“Ares” series of games, was first introduced in the second-generation home, this series of two previous works are introduced on the platform (PS2), then turn to the Playstation 3, launched the “god of war 3” and “the god of war: ascension”. However, since the God of War: ascension, Santa Monica studio Sony (Sony Santa Monica) for many years without development “ares” (God of War) series of games, and now they after the launch of the Playstation 4 game “God of War”, had to give up all of the work on the new game, allows the game to run smoothly on Playstation 5.
SONY Santa monica studios: the ares game on PS5 is a little hard for us
Barlog said he preferred the development of the Playstation 4 to the Playstation 4 Pro to a direct full iteration. While the Playstation 4 Pro is an enhanced version of the Playstation 4, it still has the same overall architecture, making it easier for studios to bring the ares visual to Playstation 4 levels.

However, with the Playstation 4 Playstation 5 will be a completely different performance monster, which makes the ares For PS5 version development lead to SONY Santa monica had to throw away what they know now, so that it is easier to be familiar with the Playstation 5 new change.

It means “god of war” For PS5 game itself may not be the game (ares For PS4) so good, because SONY Santa monica studio does not like Playstation 2 or Playstation 4 understand the platform. But we hope SONY’s Santa monica studio will not only produce another masterpiece for the Playstation 5, but will also be able to develop more of the ares series on the Playstation 5.

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